About us

Chestnut In The Pocket celebrates all the little beautiful things in life. Let’s celebrate together!

Our Story

Every Autumn, when the chestnuts fall, our family dad – and husband – surprises women of the family with little gifts that we find in the pockets of our autumn coats. Everything started from one chestnut, which I found in my pocket while still in highschool. Since then this autumn surprise became a yearly tradition.

We wanted this project to be filled with love from our closest surroundings – our family – that’s how the name Chestnut In The Pocket was born. Because it’s very important to notice and appreciate all the little beautiful things in life <3

Our current project is all about traveling inspired coasters – little something for your home interior that is not only functional but can also bring beautiful memories from the travels!

Our Team


Owner, Creator

Chestnut In The Pocket Team Member Sarune


Marketer, Customer Service

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